The shooting discipline consists of sighting shots and competition shooting. The competition shooting consists of:

  • Precision fire: 10 rounds in 10 minutes.

If electronic scoring systems are not used, the time available is 12 minutes. After the announcement of "15 seconds remain" the signals "start" and "stop" are given by short whistle blasts. The precision fire is started at the same time for all shooters participating in the same heat.

  • Rapid fire: 10 rounds in one minute. The competitors do not get information on the result of their individual shots during the rapid fire series. Therefore, the monitors are turned away or off.

The rapid fire is started in two rounds (every second shooter, first the uneven numbers followed by the even numbers) in the same heat. Competitors in the non-shooting round must remain absolutely still.

  • Distance is 200 m, 300 m or 50 m.
  • Weapons & ammunition: 300-m Standard Rifle. All types of ammunition can be used that may be fired without danger to competitors and range personnel.

Tracer, armour-piercing and incendiary ammunition are prohibited. Weapons and ammunition must be provided by the team.

  • Target: Electronic targets or paper targets may be used. The 300-metre rifle target will be used. Separate targets will be used for precision and rapid fire.

Men: 200 Points
Women: 199 Points

Obstacle Run
Obstacle Run

The length of the course is 500 meters and consists of 20 standardised obstacles.

  • Track: The contest is be held on one or several lanes, provided that all lanes are identical. Each competitor is compelled to follow his own lane.
  • Obstacles: The obstacles is constructed and placed on the track. Obstacles of men's event consist of:
  1. Rope ladder
  2. Double beam
  3. Trip wire
  4. Network of wire
  5. Ford
  6. Espalier
  7. Balance beam
  8. Sloping wall with rope
  9. Horizontal beams
  10. Irish table
  11. Tunnel and twin beams
  12. Four steps of beams
  13. Banquette and pit
  14. Assault wall
  15. Pit
  16. Vertical ladder
  17. Assault wall II
  18. Zigzag balance beam
  19. Chicane
  20. Three assault walls in succession
  • In the women's event, the rope ladder, sloping wall with rope, four steps of beams and vertical ladder are not negotiated.
Obstacle swimming
Obstacle swimming

50 meters with four obstacles


The weight of grenades is 600 grams (±1.33 pounds) for men and 400 grams (±0.88 pound) for women.

Throwing consists of precision throwing at distances of 20, 25, 30 and 35 meters (five meters shorter for each target for females). The targets consist of an inner circle with radius of one meter, and an outer circle with radius of two meters. The time allotted for precision throwing is three minutes, 16 grenades with four grenades on each target.

Distance throwing is also included, where competitors throw three grenades in two minutes. Only the longest throw will count toward the score, which combines points for both distance and precision.

Cross-country Running
Cross-country Running

The cross-country running is the last event and for men the distance is 8000m and for women the distance is 4000m.